System requirements

Here you will find the recommended browsers and operating systems for our online and mobile banking services.

System requirements for our services

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Recommended browsers for Handelsbanken Online Banking

To work well, some of our services require that your computer meet certain technical requirements.

The browsers on the list below have been tested by Handelsbanken and work well with our online services. Our website and services also work well with other modern browsers that support standards set up by W3C. If you choose to use another web browser than the ones on the list, we have limited opportunity to provide support.

Card reader with cable

icon card reader with cable attached to computer

To be able to log in using the card reader with the cable attached, you need:

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Mac OS 10.14 or later versions
The support for Windows 8.1 is ending

On 10 January 2023, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 8.1. Due to this, our support for Windows 8.1 will end. This means that we will no longer be able to troubleshoot issues on your Windows 8.1 computer.  

Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023 - Microsoft SupportOpens in a new window


Web browser Version Download
Mozilla Firefox The three latest versions Download Mozilla FirefoxOpens in a new window
Google Chrome The three latest versions Download Google ChromeOpens in a new window
Microsoft Edge The three latest versions Installed in Windows 10
Ikon information

Information regarding Internet Explorer

On Jun 15 2022, Microsoft ended the support for Internet Explorer. Due to this, we no longer support Internet Explorer.

Mac OS

Web browser Version Download
Safari The three latest versions Download SafariOpens in a new window
Mozilla Firefox The three latest versions Download Mozilla Firefox (Mac)Opens in a new window
Google Chrome The three latest versions Download Google Chrome (Mac)Opens in a new window

System requirements for the mobile apps

Operating system Version Comment
Android 7 or later Support for mobile phones and tablets.
iOS 14 or later Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
mobil med BankId

System requirements for Mobile BankID and Swish

Find out more about the system requirements for Mobile BankID and Swish, visit the BankID or Swish website:

Aktuella systemkrav för Mobilt BankIDOpens in a new window (in Swedish)  
Which operating systems does Swish support?Opens in a new window