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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our digital services.

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Help regarding BankID on log-in card

Get the answers to your questions about the BankID program and how to log in to Online banking. Here you will also find support regarding you log-in card and help with errors that may arise.
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Help regarding Mobile BankID 

Under this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Mobile BankID. 

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Help regarding mobile apps

Here you will find information about how to activate the app, common error messages and current information. 
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Card reader features 

Learn the various features of the card reader and the meaning behind the screen messages. 
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System requirements

To be able to use our services, your computer and devices need to meet some requirements. Here is updated and relevant information regarding our system requirements.
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Card reader – audio version

The audio card reader is a helpful device for your online banking services if you are visually impaired. Here you will find information about its features and how to get started.

Frequently asked questions right now

How do I log in using BankID on card?

You need a log-in card, a card reader and a cable to connect the card reader with your device. Follow the instructions on the following page:

How do I activate the mobile app?

If you wish to log in to the app using a personal code, you first need to activate your app. 

How do I order Mobile BankID?

To order a Mobile BankID for the first time, you need to log in to Online Banking using the card reader with the cable attached.

If you already have a Mobile BankID , you can order or renew your Mobile BankID in the app under Other Services.