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Do you have problems with your BankID? Here you will find information and tips, and get help troubleshooting.
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Common questions about BankID and log-in problems

You can use your BankID as identification with us, as well as with authorities and other companies. 

How do I log in using BankID on card?

You need a log-in card, a card reader and a cable to connect the card reader with your device. 

A BankID is stored on your log-in card. The BankID will work as soon as you connect your card reader with the cable. To get started using the card reader with the cable attached, you need to install two programs to your computer: a program for BankID and a software driver for the card reader. 

I get "BankID missing 10022/10036"/ "Security program missing 10015" when trying to log in

  1. Check your card reader, follow the instructions here: 
  2. Check that you have installed the latest versions of BankID and the driver for the card reader.
  3. Reinstall the BankID Application. Follow the instructions to uninstall the BankID Application.   (If you have BankID on file, this may also be removed)
    Once the installation is completed, install the BankID Application. 

How do I order a Mobile BankID for the first time?

To order a Mobile BankID for the first time, you login to your Online Banking with your card reader and log-on card. In addition, you need to verify your identity with a valid Swedish national id-card or a Swedish passport.   

If you already have a Mobile BankID , you can order or renew Mobile BankID in the mobile app. 

Current information - Communication error 10023

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If you get 'Kommunikationsfel 10023' (Communication error) when logging in, you need to update the BankID application to a later version.

Not possible to update your BankID application? Check that your computer meets our system requirements.

Please note! On 14 January, 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. The latest version of BankID will not work if you are using Windows 7. You can still log in using the card reader without cable, should you have a web browser that meets our system requirements. 

Logging in with the cable attached?

  • Three rectangles should be visible on the card reader display when you connect the computer and card reader with the cable.
  • A dashed line should appear on the card reader display when you insert your log-in card to the card reader. 
  • Your name should appear in the BankID program when you open BankID and have the card reader and log-in card connected to the computer.

Need help?

Call 0771-77 88 99 for personal service around the clock.

Card reader without the cable

Did you know that you can log in with your card reader without the cable attached? Without the cable, you can still execute the most common bank services. You do not need to install any software to log in with out the cable, and it works on both computers and mobile devices. 

How to log in without the cable attached: 

  1. Insert your log-in card into the card reader, no cable attached, or press OK if your card is already in the card reader. 
  2. 'Välj funktion' appears on the display. Press LOGIN. 
  3. Enter your challenge in the card reader and press OK. The code is valid for another 4 minutes. 
  4. Enter your card PIN (6 digits) in the card reader and press OK.
  5. Enter the response code 'Svarskod' in the dedicated field on the computer screen and click Log in. 

Reinstall the BankID application

Sometimes you need to reinstall the BankID application when things are not working. Follow the instructions below to reinstall the application.

Only reinstall the BankID application if you feel comfortable with doing it. Contact us if you feel insecure and we will support you during the process.

Reinstallation of BankID for Windows 

  1. Start by uninstalling the BankID application on your computer.
    (if you have BankID on file, this may also be uninstalled)
  2. Reinstall the BankID application again.
  3. Check that everything is correct on your card reader display.
  4. Open the BankID application on your computer and check that you can see your name on the screen.
    Then try to log in again. 

Reinstallation of BankID for Mac 

  1. Open Finder on your computer.
  2. Go in to Programs.
  3. Move the BankID application to the trash.
  4. Reinstall BankID again.
  5. Try to log in again.

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