Switch bank to Handelsbanken

Become a private customer at Handelsbanken. It doesn’t cost a penny to change your bank. We help you with every step of the move.

We look after all your finances

We offer you:

  • Expert advisory services − specialist advice and support throughout your lifetime.
  • Availability − personal service by phone, 24 hours a day.
  • Sustainability − We are on of Sweden’s most sustainable companies.

Become a customer

We like to get to know who we are doing business with, so that we can help them to the best of our abilities. Contact us to book an introductory meeting. 

Support and advice in all of life’s banking decisions

Your day-to-day finances

The things you need every day: salary account, cards, Swish, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Online Banking, apps, personal telephone service and much more.


New mortgage? Or would you like to move your existing mortgage to us? Welcome to Handelsbanken. We are mortgage experts and will give you all the help you want and need. The mortgage rate is individually tailored to you.


Buffer, pension or children’s savings? Would you like help choosing the best savings from for your needs? Or just a little motivation to get started? Talk to us, or start saving directly in the app or Online Banking.  

Consolidate your pension

Consolidate your pension with us. With a better oversight of your pension in its entirety, it’s much simpler to work out how much you need to save. Our product range has been fully assessed for its sustainability credentials. Invest in funds of your own choosing or talk to us.  

Funds for all types of savers

We have funds to suit all tastes, including a broad range of sustainable funds. We can help you with the move if you choose to collect your previous fund savings with us.  

Banking services for children

Give your kids a head start at understanding personal finances with our banking services for children. Get up and running with accounts, cards, BankID, Swish, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Switching bank to Handelsbanken − the process


We arrange a meeting

We like to get to know who we are doing business with, so that we can help them to the best of our abilities. In our introductory meeting, we carry out an analysis of your needs to identify the services that will be most relevant to you. Book a time at your nearest branch. 

Checklist for switching bank

Know what’s coming at every step

In order to make the switch as simple as possible, you will need to bring some documentation to your initial meeting with us. Once you inform your former bank that you would like to switch bank, it takes three banking days to move your account and access the associated services.

The Swedish Bankers’ Association has put together a checklist of everything you need to consider before your meeting at the branch. The checklist also provides you with comprehensive information about the timetable you can expect for the various stages of the process at both your old and new banks.

Important point to remember:

  • If there is more than one account holder, the consent of all holders is required.
  • It may be a good idea to change banks immediately after the end of a month.