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Becoming a customer

For us, it’s important to know the people that we do business with. So, if you’re interested in becoming a customer, we’d like you to contact one of our branches.
Mor och son pratar med rådgivare på bankkontoret

Your bank?

As a Handelsbanken customer, you’re never just a number. We know our customers too well for that. For us, it’s a natural thing to become familiar with our customers’ circumstances, challenges and opportunities. Only then can we provide truly qualified advisory services and good support. As a customer, you can then choose to do your banking business at a branch, digitally, or over the phone. You decide. After all – it’s your bank.
  • Our advisors are familiar with the local business community, and know you as a customer.
  • We have stable creditworthiness, and have thrived through the economic ups and down of the past 150 years.
  • Year after year, our customers praise us for our service.

How to switch to Handelsbanken

When you wish to move over to Handelsbanken, we’ll help you with the change. You can also make preparations, so that everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Becoming a corporate customer


Why we need to ask you questions

By law, we are obliged to have good knowledge of you and your business when you are a customer of ours. Therefore, you must always show your ID when you wish to carry out your banking business, and when you make deposits we may ask questions about where the money has come from.
Anti money laundering