1. Current information about the coronavirus

Current information about the coronavirus

Information is provided here about the impact that the coronavirus has on our customers and our business.
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Latest news from Handelsbanken regarding the coronavirus

Temporary dispensation from amortisation for up to six months

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, those customers encountering financial difficulties will be able to apply for temporary dispensation from amortisation of their mortgage loan.

Temporary reduction to savings premium  

Many companies are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Corporate customers, you are now entitled to request a temporary reduction to the savings premium for Handelsbanken’s Occupational Pension Plan and Pension Scheme for Self-employed People. 

News from the EFN Economic and Financial News Channel

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The EFN Economic and Financial News Channel monitors the coronavirus crisis. EFN has compiled here all features addressing the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

The EFN Economic and Financial News Channel is a subsidiary of Handelsbanken.

We take our role in society seriously

Bank with the percentage

As a bank, we are a central part of the society. Our operations must be up and running as usual, and at the same time we need to keep our customers and employees health in mind. We work actively with reducing the risk of spreading the virus and by that reducing the risk for customers and employees falling ill with covid-19. We carefully follow the development and are adjusting our operations thereafter.