Consent to cookies

According to the Swedish Act on Electronic Communication, all users who visit a website must receive information on cookies, and what they are used for. The visitor’s consent to the use of cookies is required, unless cookies are essential to provide the service that the visitor has expressly requested. Consent is given by accepting cookies in the web browser.

You can disable cookies in your web browser
If you don’t accept cookies being used, you can disable cookies in your web browser’s security settings. However, this will mean that the functionality of will be limited, and it will not be possible to use Handelsbanken’s online banking service.

How does cookies work?

There are different types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Handelsbanken uses both types on its website. A cookie is a text file and incapable of causing any damage. A website can only read a cookie that was created by itself.

We use session cookies
Handelsbanken’s online banking service uses session cookies so that the web server (the Bank) can distinguish between different users. The cookie contains your identity and is stored in your computer for as long as you are linked up to our online banking service. When you log off, it disappears. In order to be able to use our online banking service, you must accept cookies in your web browser.

We use persistent cookies
At Handelsbanken we use persistent cookies to make it easier for you when you visit our website. For example, when you have selected the branch that you wish to go to, this is saved in a cookie on your computer. The next time that you visit, you won’t need to select a branch – you’ll arrive directly at the branch you selected before.

We use cookies for our statistical purposes
To collect visit statistics, we use cookies. The site uses first-party cookies and a third-party cookie from "". The information gathered consists only of anonymous traffic data that can not be associated with an individual. The information is used by Handelsbanken to improve the website and the Bank’s offering.

Web TV uses cookies
Our website contains embedded web TV programmes which can be viewed with or without subtitles. Depending on what you select, this is then stored as a persistent cookie in your computer. The next time you visit the site, you will have the same selection (with or without subtitles) as the previous time.