Real estate financing

Build, rebuild or buy a property for your company? Your needs decide the type of financing.

Financing your property

Financing according to your needs 

Are you planning to build, rebuild or buy a property? We will help you to find the right financial solution according to your company's specific needs. The market value and geographical location of the property partly controls how much money you can borrow.

The market value and geographical location of the property controls, among other things, how much you are allowed to borrow. For real estate mortgages you can normally borrow between 60 and 75 per cent of the market value estimated by Handelsbanken. 

We finance among others: residential, commercial and office buildings, private housing cooperatives ('bostadsrättsföreningar'), new constructions and reconstructions via building credit, as well as forest properties and agricultural estates.

Dedicated account manager

Your branch office will help you throughout the entire financing process. We are always a phone call or e-mail away for further assistance.

Interest rate options

Fixed or variable interest rate
You can choose a loan fixing period: from 90 days to 10 years.

Fixed interest rate
If the interest rate situation is beneficial, you can fix the interest rate for a loan with a due date in the future.

Financing during the build

Building credit

When your company is about to build or rebuild a property, a building credit could be handy during the building period. In that way you will not use more credit than what you currently need. When the build is done, we will change the credit into a regular mortgage. 

A building project may take time. In such case, it can be an extra comfort to be able to calculate what interest rate you will have for the future mortgage. By fixing your interest rate you have the possibility to fix the rate in full or parts, already from the start of the build or up to approximately three years ahead, depending on the size of the loan.

Do you need our help to get started?

Talking about the project

Would you like to know more, or do you need our assistance in getting started. Contact your local branch office and make an appointment.

If you are an existing Handelsbanken customer, you can start by completing a credit application in our online banking services.