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Financing your investments

We can offer financing for machines, cars, computers and other inventories. Which approach is best: to lease or to own? Together we will find the best solution for your company.

Improved payment capacity

Low seasons or unexpected events can affect your cash flow. Two ways of improving your company's liquidity in such a scenario are an overdraft facility, which can help even out the cash flow, and factoring.

Company vehicles

Finance the cars that you and your colleagues drive. You do not have to tie up equity, no other security is required, you can make tax deductions, and we can help you with the administration.

Corporate real estate

Are you planning to build, rebuild or buy a property? Your needs will determine the financing solution. We will help you throughout the entire financing process.

EU credit

Are you a farmer? If so, you probably experience irregular income streams, even though your costs are spread evenly over the year. With an EU credit, you will improve your liquidity while waiting for your EU funding.