Improved liquidity

Low seasons or unexpected events can affect your company's cash flow. An overdraft facility can even out the cash flow.

Extra credit when you need it

Some operating capital is needed to manage uneven income and expense. With an overdraft facility, you always have access to money when you need it. An overdraft facility can even out cash flow during start-up, low seasons, or unexpected events. Allow sufficient time when applying for an overdraft facility to achieve the best solution.

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Account with overdraft facility

With an overdraft facility linked to your corporate account, the regular transactions can exceed the account balance. The facility is immediately balanced when payments come in. This approach allows you to keep the utilised facility at an appropriate level. An overdraft facility can be linked to practically all corporate accounts. You can also get overdraft facilities in currencies other than SEK. 

When you have to use the overdraft facility, you pay interest on the part that you use. Interest rates are variable and follow the market rate. You also pay an annual fee, known as an overdraft facility fee on the total facility.

Do you need our help to get started?

Talking about the project

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If you are an existing Handelsbanken customer, you can start by completing a credit application in our online banking services.