Online Self-Employed

Take care of both your private and your company's banking transactions with a single online service.
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A single online service

Online Self-Employed is our online service for customers who run their business as a sole trader. The service provides you with a clear overview of both your private and your business' finances, and makes it easy to pay invoices and transfer money. The Online Self-Employed service is included in the Self-Employed corporate package.

A lighter online service

Online Self-Employed provides you with a clear overview of your company's accounts. It also allows you to name your accounts to be able to see which account is used for what purposes. As well as having immediate access to balances and incoming payments you can make your own payments and transfers. 

Part of a package

The Self-Employed package includes a range of services aimed at catering to the needs of sole traders. In addition to the online service, these include a business account linked to the Bankgiro service, mobile banking, a corporate card, and pensions and insurance advisory services.

Private customers at Handelsbanken

You do not need to be a private customer with us to get access to Online Self-Employed. If you only have your company with us, you will see your company accounts in the online service. However, the advantage of also having your private banking business with us is that you only need one online service for both your private and your company's banking transactions.

In short

  • For sole traders
  • Available around the clock
  • Provides a clear overview
  • A combined view of your private and your company's finances

Get started with Online Self-Employed

Online Self-Employed is one of the services included in the Self-Employed package, a corporate package for sole traders.

If you already have the Self-Employed package, but have not yet started using the online services, contact your local branch. They will help you with everything you need to get started.


Other digital services

A more advanced online service

Do you have employees? Do you have several people handling your company's finances? Do you need file services? Then you may like to consider a more advanced online bank. With Online Corporate Banking, you can send and receive files, administer mandates, handle accounts abroad and much more.

Mobile banking

Customers using our Self-Employed service can use the private mobile app for their company's everyday banking transactions. The app allows you to view balances, transactions and incoming bankgiro payments. You can also transfer money and make payments.

If you would like to become an online customer, please visit your local branch and we will provide you with everything you need to get started.