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Digital corporate services


Banking online

Manage your company's banking transactions online. Our Online Corporate Banking service can be used by any type of business. Use mandates to easily control who's allowed to perform banking transactions on behalf of your company. Online Self-Employed is available for sole traders and provides you with an overview of your private and your company’s finances in one place. For cross-border business, you can use our GlobalOn-Line service.


Banking on the go

Whenever you want, wherever you are – you decide. With our corporate app you can manage your everyday bank transactions using your mobile phone. With our app for sole traders you can perform both personal and business transactions. There is also a dedicated app for Business Card users.

Mandates for control

By using mandates, your company can control who is allowed to do what via branches, online or by phone. In Online Corporate Banking you can administer the company mandates and control who's allowed to do what, where and even when.

BankID for different purposes

As a business owner, you can use BankID for two different purposes. Your BankID is a form of online identification that you can use for filing tax returns, etc. You can also offer your private customers the choice of using BankID on your company's website for identification and signing agreements. Contact your local branch for more information.

For your security

Your faith in Handelsbanken means a lot to us. Handelsbanken is constantly working to improve security for customers using our services. Read more about how we work with improving security and what you can do to protect yourself when you are using our online services.

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