Online Corporate Banking

Our Online Corporate Banking service is available around the clock. You will get a good overview, up-to-date information and the option to automate.

Everyday banking

Our Online Corporate Banking can be used by any type of business. We can offer you a comprehensive range of banking services that will enable you to take care of your company's finances online, simply and efficiently.

Do several people look after your company’s finances? If so, many of them will need to perform banking transactions on behalf of your company. By using mandates, your company can control who is allowed to do what, where and when.

A good overview

With Online Corporate Banking you can carry out your banking transactions whenever you want. And at the same time get a better overview and up-to-date information on your company's finances.

Support your finances

Handelsbanken's Online Corporate Banking can be used for much more than just controlling your bank balance and paying invoices. It can also be used to support the company's finances. Virtually all information that you need for your book-keeping is available online. You can save many hours of work and get a better overview by connecting your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the Bank.

Automated payments

Are you using an ERP system but registering your payments manually online? Save time by transferring the information electronically instead. Our file services enable you to automate many of your manual transactions. As well as providing you with an easier, more efficient way of dealing with payments, they also ensure a better overview and control.

In short

  • For any type of business
  • Available around the clock*
  • Provides a good overview
  • File services enable automation
  • Administration of mandates
  • Additional services for international business, as well as FX and MM trading

* Most services are available around the clock.

Additional services

the globe

International banking

By using GlobalOn-Line, you will be able to manage the company's accounts abroad, send local and cross-border payments, and make intra-group transfers. No matter where in the world you run your business, it's all accessible via Online Corporate Banking.

FX and money market trading

With MarketOn-Line you can trade online in real time on the foreign exchange and money markets. With ConfirmationsOn-Line you administer your trade confirmations. You can view and approve your confirmations online or match them using file transfers. Contact your local branch for more information.

Administering mandates online

Who's in charge of finances?

Do several people look after your company’s finances? If so, many of them will need to perform banking transactions on behalf of your company. By using mandates, your company can control who is allowed to do what via branches, online or by phone.

Administering mandates

If you are authorised to access the administration of mandates service online, you can allocate authorisations so that other people can perform banking transactions on behalf of your company. Via Online Corporate Banking you register who can do what and also when they are allowed to do so. 

The authorisations apply with immediate effect. You can:

  • Register, change and delete mandates and authorisations.
  • Choose whether one person or several together are allowed to authorise transactions.
  • Decide when the authorisations are to apply, on weekdays, when preparing financial reports, etc.
  • View the allocated authorisations for each account and also view mandates history.

How to get user access

To be able to administer mandates online, you need authorisation. Contact your local branch to get started with mandates administration.


  • Quick and efficient administration using online banking services
  • Immediate authorisation
  • An overview of all mandates and authorisations

Getting started with Online Corporate Banking

Online Corporate Banking is one of the services included in the Corporate package.

If you already have the Corporate package, but have not yet started using our online services, contact your local branch. They will help you with everything you need to get started.

Other digital services

Are you a sole trader?

As a sole trader, you may find that you do not need all the services included in Online Corporate Banking. With Online Self-Employed you are able to perform  private and company banking transactions. Around the clock, using the same online service. Online Self-Employed provides you with a clear overview of both your business finances and your private finances.

Mobile banking

Our corporate app enables you to perform everyday banking transactions using your mobile phone. You can view balances, transactions and incoming bankgiro payments. You can also transfer money, and make payments, as well as authorise payments and files.