By using GlobalOn-Line, you will be able to manage the company's accounts abroad and execute payments online or by file.

For your international business

Do you send many payments cross-border or spend a lot of time registering and managing accounts abroad? GlobalOn-Line will help you take control.

With GlobalOn-Line, your company always has access to summarised account information. You are able to execute payments and transfers, no matter where in the world your operations are, through a single web-based link to Handelsbanken.

Manage accounts

With GlobalOn-Line you get access to account information from accounts held by your company regardless of bank and country.

Execute payments

GlobalOn-Line enables you to make cross-border and domestic payments and transfers with Handelsbanken in other countries. Payments can be made online or via the file transfer service and can be sent up to 12 months before the payment date.

Make transfers

GlobalOn-Line makes it easy for you to make intra-group transfers between accounts held with Handelsbanken units worldwide. It is also possible to make same-day transfers between Handelsbanken accounts in different countries with no loss of interest days.


  • Summarised account information
  • Intra-group transfers
  • Local and cross-border payments
  • Services in cooperations with other banks
  • Available all days, around the clock
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Summary account information

GlobalOn-Line provides you with access to balance and transaction information for all your company’s international accounts in Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the United States. You also have access to detailed reference information on your company’s customer payments. The information is also available via the file transfer service.

Let us help you with your international business

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We can give you global access to our local expertise. With our vast experience in helping companies running international business, you can benefit from the advantages of using one bank for all your business.

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