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Handelsbanken Global Gateway enables you to simplify, automate and rationalise your company's payment and ledger procedures.

Simplify, automate and rationalise

Handelsbanken Global Gateway is your way of communicating with the Bank. The gateway makes it possible for you to simplify, automate and rationalise your company's payment and ledger routines procedures. 

Regardless of whether your company uses a general standard file format or a local format.

Implementation guidelines 
Here you will find implementation guidelines and example files:
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Handelsbanken switches to ISO 20022

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Handelsbanken will cease to support local file formats, as of 1 April 2022. We will replace them with ISO 20022 - the internationally accepted standard for communication of financial messages.

Advantages with ISO 20022

One of the biggest advantages of ISO 20022 is that it is a standard format, on the way to gaining global acceptance. For example, the format is already used for SEPA payments within the Eurozone. ISO 20022 is a comprehensive format with the capacity to handle extensive content and different payment types in the same file. It gives a good position to provide any information that may be relevant to both the sender and the recipient of the payments. With a high degree of standardisation, it is possible to rationalise payment processing at all levels. For example, your company will not be needing different processes to create separate payment files for salaries, local payments and international payments.

File formats no longer in use from 1 april 2022

As of 1 April 2022, you will no longer be able to use the file formats LB, KI, UTLI, SISU and LB Åter in communication with the Bank. 

No changes in mandate or agreements

No new authorisations or agreements with the Bank are needed to change to the corresponding file format according to the ISO 20022 standard. When your company has switched to ISO 20022, you will be well prepared for the future and will be ready when the Nordic payment platform P27 is in place.

More about ISO 20022 

With ISO 20022, you can convey more payment information in a structured way.