File services

Manage payments and reconciliations automatically by using file services.

Understanding file services

Automated payments

Does your company use an accounts system, but register payments manually online? Why not save time by transferring information electronically? With Handelsbanken's file services you will be able to automate large parts of your company's payment flows.

Outgoing payments

When you register payments in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you create a payment file. After logging on to Online Corporate Banking, you can then send the file without needing to register the payments again. We execute the payments on pay date and you are able to view details of your payments online. You can also retrieve a reconciliation file online that can be read and processed by the company’s ERP system.

Incoming payments

Whenever you receive a payment, we will show you details of the incoming payment online. You can also retrieve this information via file, that you can easily collect and register in the ERP system for automatic matching.

Account statements on file – directly in your ERP system

Simplify business procedures by scanning and processing bank statements directly in your ERP system. This service provides information on all incoming and outgoing payments in a single package for account balances. Much of your company's manual work related to transaction matching and ledger administration disappears completely if you use account statements on file. Instead transactions are automatically matched.

How to use file services

The easiest way to send and receive files is by using Online Corporate Banking. We also support the host-to-host solutions SFTP and FTPS, TCP/IP FTP as well as SWIFT for corporates for secure and standardised communication.

File services in short

  • Less duplication, less manual work. 
  • Better overview and control. 
  • Data enables simplified reconciliation and automated matching.
  • Works for all companies using an ERP system that can handle files.
  • No extra software required.
  • No extra charges – sending and receiving files are included in the Corporate package.

File formats

File format descriptions

When communicating with the Bank via file, there are various local formats as well as general standard formats to choose from, such as ISO 20022 XML, CSV and SWIFT. 

Our file format descriptions for the supported file formats are described below. If you need information about a specific format, go to that page.

File formats 
ISO 20022 XML Opens in a new window 
SWIFT Opens in a new window 
Other/local formats Opens in a new window

Testing files

Use our feature to validate ISO 20022 XML files against XSD schemas. 
Validation against schema  

You can also test your files in Online Corporate Banking, under File Management. 
Log in and test file Opens in a new window

Secure file transfer

To improve security for our customers and vendors, we are introducing stricter requirements for technical encryption in file communication. Would you like to know more? You will find information about Handelsbanken's PGP and SSH host keys on our global website.


Would you like to know more?

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