Cross-border payments

Send money abroad in Online Banking.
  • Make sure you have the right information available

    You can prepare by having the name and address of the beneficiary, along with their IBAN and BIC or national bank ID. 
  • Create the payment in Online Banking

    You make the payment in Online Banking and can send money in various currencies. When the payment has been registered, you receive a receipt in your e-mailbox in Online Banking.
  • Select the type of payment

    By selecting the payment type, you can affect how soon the funds will reach the beneficiary’s bank. Normally the funds will arrive within two working days. You can select express if you are in a hurry, in which case the funds will reach the beneficiary’s bank within one working day.
En pratbubbla med ett frågetecken inuti och en pratbubbla med ett i inuti

What are IBAN, BIC and National bank ID?


IBAN is an account number written according to a common European standard. You will find your account's IBAN in Online banking and in the mobile app.


BIC is an international standard for secure identification of a bank. A BIC always consists of 8 or 11 characters. The first six characters are always letters while the remaining can be either digits or letters. A BIC is not mandatory when an IBAN is used.

National bank ID

A national bank ID has the same function as a BIC code to identify a bank.  A national bank ID always starts with two letters followed by digits.

When will the money arrive?

Depending on the type of cross-border payment you select, the time and the cost will vary.
At beneficiary bank Cost Comment
SEPA payment Before 15.00 same day and after 15.00 next banking day Online SEK 0
Branch SEK 75
The cheapest and most secure payment method within the EU/EEA. Within the EEA, we always recommend that the currency is EUR.
EUR payment in EUR Within 1 banking day Online SEK 0
Branch SEK 75
The cheapest and most secure payment method within the EU/EEA. Within the EEA, we always recommend that the currency is EUR.
EU payment in SEK Within 2 banking days Online SEK 0
Branch SEK 75
SEK payments are only regarded as EU payments in Sweden.
Normal Within 2-3 banking days Online SEK 60
Branch SEK 150
Used mostly for payments to countries outside the EU/EEA.
Express Within 1 banking day Online SEK 350
Branch SEK 450
The quickest way to send money. Note that it may take a day or two extra depending on the country the money is being sent to.*
Nordic customer payment Same day, 1 banking day at the latest Online SEK 0
Branch SEK 40
For transfers to own account in Handelsbanken in Sweden, Norway and Finland in the currencies SEK, NOK and EUR.

*Not an option for EUR payments within the EU/EEA or for SEK payments in Sweden.

Other fees

When making Normal or Express payments, you can choose to also pay the beneficiary’s fees. In addition to the above prices, there is a fee of SEK 150 for this fee allocation, “The remitter pays all fees, including the beneficiary’s fees (OUR)”. Handelsbanken cannot guarantee that other costs will not be charged by a foreign bank and this may be deducted from the remittance amount. 

For incoming payments to an account in Handelsbanken, EU/SEPA-payment and Nordisk kundbetalning are 0 kr and Normal- and Express are 60 kr.

Important when sending cross-border payments

Laws and regulations for cross-border payments

A separate law applies to some forms of payment to and from other countries within the European Economic Area (EEA). 

The Swedish Payment Services Act contains regulations on times and costs for payments. It also contains information on applicable regulations if payments are delayed or do not arrive, or if deductions for costs are erroneous.

More efficient cross-border payments

We have joined the SWIFT Global Payment Initiative (GPI). This ensures more efficient processing of payment flows. As a customer, you will be able to track payments in a better way, and receive confirmation when your payment has reached the recipient.