If you know just the recipient’s mobile phone number, you can pay using Swish and the money is received immediately.

There are many reasons for using Swish to make payments

Swish makes it easy for you and your friends to split the bill when you are out at a restaurant, or when you want to collect money for a present. When you buy and sell second-hand items at a jumble sale or at home, you don’t need cash – just your mobile phone.

You don’t need account numbers to be able to send money. All you need is the recipient’s mobile phone number. Both you and the recipient see that the money arrives in the correct account in a few seconds.

You approve the payments using Mobile BankID.

  • You just need the recipient’s mobile phone number
  • The name of the recipient is shown before you approve the payment
  • The money is credited immediately

How to get started

You can use Swish to send money to anyone who is connected to the service. The money is transferred to the recipient’s bank account immediately, regardless of bank* or time of the day.

  1. Order and activate Mobile BankID
  2. Download the Swish app
  3. Connect your mobile phone number to one of your accounts
Using Swish, you can send money to private individuals. You can also pay companies, organisations, associations and when you buy in web shops. When you log in to Swish you can select English as your default language.

More about Swish

Amount limits

The maximum amount of any individual payment you send is SEK 10,000 every day. The amount limits may differ between banks. If you are under the age of 16, the maximum amount is SEK 2,000 per payment or day. In addition to this you can also pay SEK 10,000 and SEK 2,000 respectively to stores.

If you want to make a large payment, you need to raise your amount limit temporarily (not allowed for customers under the age of 18). You do this in Online Banking. You can have an amount limit of up to SEK 150,000 which is valid for one day. You are then able to send money with Swish for amounts up to the limit for the chosen day.

Recipient’s name

Before you approve your payment with Mobile BankID, the recipient’s name is shown. Check that it’s the correct recipient before you approve the payment.

When you change your mobile phone

If you keep the same mobile phone number, it is sufficient to download the Swish app so you can continue to use Swish as before. If you have a new mobile number, you must first log in to Online Banking and connect the new number to Swish.

Remember that you must have installed a Mobile BankID on your new phone first.

New mobile

If you lose your mobile phone

If you lose your mobile phone you need to block your Mobile BankID as soon as possible.

Log in and block Mobile BankID Opens in a new window

*Swish works with Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, ICA Banken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, SEB, Skandia, Ålandsbanken, Forex Bank, Sparbanken Syd, plus Swedbank and Sparbankerna.