Mobile BankID

Your digital ID is saved on your mobile phone. You use it to do your banking transactions, when you call Personlig Service or to log in to other companies and authorities.

New mobile? Want to get started with Mobile BankID?

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Order Mobile BankID

Log in to Online Banking to order your first Mobile BankID. 

Have you already got a Mobile BankID, but have a new mobile phone or tablet? In that case, you can order a new Mobile BankID in the app under More. 

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A new mobile phone?

First you need to download the BankID app to your new mobile. 

If you're already using Mobile BankID, you can activate a new one using our app on your old mobile. Go to More once you have logged in to the app. You can also order a new Mobile BankID in Online Banking.

Do you have a new mobile phone?

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Security and Mobile BankID

Make sure to always update to the latest version of Mobile BankID on your mobile phone and tablet. 

The Bank will never ask you over the phone to identify yourself with Mobile BankID. You should only ever log in using your Mobile BankID at your own initiative.

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Block BankID

Be aware of fraudulent behaviour. Logging in must always be on your own initiative. We will never contact you and prompt you to log in, ask you for or to enter codes. If you suspect that someone has got access to your codes, if you have lost your BankID card or lost your phone with Mobile BankID you must immediately block your BankID. 

In Sweden: 020-41 12 12
From outside Sweden +46 8 41 12 122, or contact your branch office

You can block Mobile BankID yourself in Online Banking.

Help and support

Call 0771-77 88 99 for personal service 24 hours a day.