Receive your salary, take care of your everyday transactions or start saving.
Glad kvinna som sitter framför datorn

Our accounts

Transaction accounts

The Allkonto account is for your everyday banking transactions. It is where your salary is deposited and from where you make your payments. You can connect a debit card to your account. It is possible to have a joint account with more than one card. You can also set up standing orders from your account or attach a credit. The Allkonto account is part of our basic offering.

Savings accounts

Depositing money into your savings account is secure, as you do not risk losing any money. And money for unforeseen expenses is good to have if the dishwasher, a tooth or the car breaks down. Why not have different accounts for different savings? There are many different kinds of savings accounts and investment alternatives. 

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Covered by the deposit guarantee scheme

The accounts are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the National Debt Office. Each customer is entitled to compensation for the combined amount on the accounts that they hold, up to a maximum of SEK 1,050,000.

The National Debt Office will make the compensation available to the customer within 7 business days of the date on which the Bank was declared bankrupt, or the Financial Supervisory Authority ordered the guarantee to commence.