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Do you have a new mobile phone?

If you've changed your mobile phone, there are a couple of things you need to do so you can use the mobile app as normal. You can do everything yourself in Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

How to get started

en kvinna med en mobil i handen
  1. Mobile BankID
  2. Mobile app
  3. Swish

Mobile BankID

A Mobile BankID can’t be transferred from one mobile phone to another. You will need to re-install the application on your new phone.

Download the BankID app

  1. Log in to Online Banking with the card reader

  2. The card reader must be connected with the cable to the computer when you order a Mobile BankID. Remember to block your old Mobile BankID. You can do this when you log in to Online Banking.
Log in and order Mobile BankIDOpens in a new window

No online banking?

If you don’t have Online Banking you will need to collect an activation code from your branch office. You need the code to activate the BankID app on your new mobile phone. 

Note: You need to bring your mobile to the branch office since the activation code is valid only for a limited time.

Mobile app

  1. Download the Mobile app

  2. Select how you want to log in

  • Med mobilt bankid
    Do you only want to log in using Mobile BankID? If so, you can log in immediately when you have got started with BankID on your new mobile phone.
  • With a PIN Code
    To log in using your four-digit PIN code, you must first activate your app. This is best done using your log-in card and card reader.

Select Activate and log in, when you have written your civic registration number, and follow the instructions. You can get step-by-step help on the Activate the mobile app page.

No card reader?

If you are unable to activate the app using a log-in card and card reader, you will need to collect an activation code from your branch office.


Same mobile number

If you keep the same mobile phone number, it is sufficient to download the Swish app so you can continue to use Swish as before. Click on activate and enter your phone number to get started.

Remember that you must have installed a Mobile BankID on your new phone first.

New mobile number

If you have a new mobile number, you must first log in to Online Banking and connect the new number to Swish.

Remember that you need to install a Mobile BankID on your new phone before you can continue to make Swish payments.

Log in and connect the numberOpens in a new window