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Card reader – audio version

Are you visually impaired? Here's a device that will help you doing your banking services online.
Icon card reader with headphones

Description of the card reader

The audio version of the card reader has a number of features that makes it ease to use. You can easily change the volume on the card reader, and connect head phones or speakers.


You will find the volume control on the right hand corner of the card reader. Turn the control to turn up or turn down the volume. 


You connect your headphones or speaker by using the socket on the lower left hand side on the back of the card reader. A voice will read out the text shown in the card reader display, however not the PIN. When you press a button on the card reader, you will get an affirmative sound. 


To repeat the information read out by the card reader, press the grey button on the left side of the card reader. 

Turn off card reader

To turn off the card reader, remove the card from the card reader. The card reader shuts down automatically after two minutes.

Regret insertion

On the lower left hand side of the card reader, there's a orange button with a C on it. If you press that once, the last insertion is deleted. If you press the button for 2-3 seconds, all insertions are deleted. 


The digits move from one to three starting at the top row. The zero button is in the middle of the lowest row of the card reader. 

Description of the card readers features

The following features can only be used when the card reader is NOT attached with the cable.

Is used for log-in to our online banking services.

Is used for online purchases paid with your debit or credit card. 

Is currently not in use. 

Is used when signing or authorising in our online banking services.

Icon card reader attached to computer via cable

Install BankID security application and software driver

1. Install the BankID security application for audio version of the card reader

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