Anti-money laundering

To prevent banks from being used for money laundering and terrorist financing, there are special rules which apply more or less worldwide.
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Why we ask our customers questions

The Swedish Anti-Money Laundering Act requires us to perform proper due diligence on our customers and their banking business. We must understand the purpose of the business relationship and your various transactions. 

The Act also requires us to determine whether you are a PEP, meaning a politically exposed person, or the family member or close associate of a person with a prominent function within a government, a state-owned company, or an international organisation.

As regards organisations, we need information about who owns or holds significant influence – a stake of more than 25 per cent – in the organisation, i.e. who the beneficial owner is.

How does this affect our future customers?

When you become a Handelsbanken customer, you must answer questions that enable us to get to know you, and to understand how you intend to use the Bank’s products and services. We also need to see your ID document. 

When you deposit money or transfer securities, the Bank is obliged to determine where the money or assets come from. 

We always process customer information confidentially. The Bank’s duty of confidentiality applies.

How does this affect our existing customers?

We will also ask for up-to-date information about our existing customers. We are required by law to regularly update the information about our customers, and the way in which they use our products and services.