As a company owner you need a pension solution with insurance cover for both yourself and your employees.

Pension solutions that provides security for the future

Give your employees security or additional benefits through a pension plan with insurance policies. The pension plan can be designed for your needs. Good pension solutions are valuable to the company and employees. We have solutions that suit both small and large companies.

Attractive occupational pensions

Offer occupational pensions. As a company owner, it’s important for you to think about your retirement and what would happen if you fall ill. We offer you everything you need in one pension policy, simply and conveniently. The occupational pension includes:

  • Retirement pension
  • Premium pension
  • Disability insurance
  • Family pension
  • Payment to dependent survivors

Direct pensions

Do you want to invest in a pension for yourself or an employee in addition to what is permitted by the usual deduction limits? Take out a Direct Pension policy.

As a company owner it is advantageous to invest in a pension for yourself or an employee. One of the advantages of the Direct Pension is that you can discontinue payments for the insurance at any time and let the money go back into the company. Of course this must be approved by the insured party.

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En pratbubbla med ett frågetecken inuti och en pratbubbla med ett i inuti

Saving time to plan your and your employees' pension plan can be a valuable investment. We are close by and are happy to help you find a solution that suits you and your business. Book a meeting with us at your local branch office.