Becoming a corporate customer

Welcome to a bank that makes local decisions based on the knowledge of your local market. We can offer you a comprehensive range of solutions for you and your business.
en bankman och en kvinna som pratar med varandra på ett kontor

To be a corporate customer at Handelsbanken

We are a bank that aim to build lifelong relationships with our customers. That requires satisfied customers. To be able to give you and your company advanced advisory services and provide good support, we need to know your specific situation, and your needs and requirements.

Convenient, accessible and personal

For us, it is important to know our customers. And, there is nothing more important to us than satisfied customers. That is why we are very proud of having the most satisfied customers among the larger banks in Sweden (according to SKI/EPSI). Year after year. 

The relationship between you, your company and us, is vital to our success. That is why you can always trust that we will give you advice that are based on your needs and requirements.

In addition to your branch office, and our digital services, we can help you with banking business and support matters by phone. 24-hours a day.

Contact your local Handelsbanken branch office if you wish to become a corporate customer. 

Corporate packages

Our Corporate package offers you the basic banking services your company needs. Alternatively, the Self-Employed package is a special solution tailored specifically to meet the needs of sole traders. 

Both corporate packages include online banking, mobile banking, an account linked to the Bankgiro system, a corporate card, personal service by phone as well as pensions and insurance advisory services.


Why we need to ask you questions

By law, we are obliged to have good knowledge of you and your business when you are a customer of ours. Therefore, you must always show your ID when you wish to carry out your banking business, and when you make deposits we may ask questions about where the money has come from.