Incoming and outgoing payments for all types of business operations.

Optimise your payments

Different payment methods suit different types of business operations. You can use several methods to optimise your incoming and outgoing payments. Which of them best suits your needs? 

Your Handelsbanken branch will be able to provide you with everything you need to get started.

Incoming payments

Private individuals and companies can easily pay invoices via the Bankgiro system. If you have a large number of invoices, we can make the process easier by helping you sending electronic invoices

There are many other ways to get paid. With our help, you can get paid by card, Swish, instalments, invoices or online payments – in shops, at fairs and online. 

Find the right payment solution for your company.

Outgoing payments

Suppliers, taxes and salaries need to be paid, as well as any cross-border imports. With the right solutions you can save both time and resources.

Individual payments can easily be registered online, but if you make many payments, we can offer several convenient functions by using file services, etc. 

We can also help you manage any risks involved.

Managing payments and reconciliation


Online Corporate Banking gives you access to file services that enable you to automate certain tasks. As well as simplifying matters, this is a more efficient way of dealing with your accounts and payments.

Less time spent on registration means more time for other tasks and file services give you a better overview and control of your payments.