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Corporate accounts

Accounts for managing your day-to-day finances, investments and international business.

Accounts for different needs

To manage your company's finances in the best possible way, you may need more than one account. We can offer you accounts for managing your company's day-to-day finances, investments and business abroad. Several of our accounts are included in the Corporate and the Self-Employed packages.

Business account 

Use a business account for managing your company's day-to-day business. This account is ideal for paying suppliers' invoices, taxes and salaries, and can also be used to transfer money to other accounts online. 

As well as a business account, our Corporate and Self-Employed packages include a link to the Bankgiro service. A Bankgiro number is a simple way for your customers to pay invoices, and the money goes directly into your business account.

the globe

Currency account

For cross-border transactions, you will need a currency account. A currency account enables you to manage your company’s incoming and outgoing payments from abroad easily. You retain the currency and do not need to exchange it for Swedish kronor. If you do business in several different currencies, you will need a separate account for each currency.

This will help you to avoid unnecessary foreign exchange fees and thereby reduce your currency risk.

Investment accounts

If your company regularly has a surplus of funds, why not transfer this to an investment account to separate it from the money needed in your day-to-day operations? You may get a better interest rate on the funds deposited in an investment account. We can offer you a range of investment accounts. Contact your branch to discuss your specific needs.

Cash pool

Do you need a better overview of and control over your company's liquidity situation? A cash pool will enable you to link individual accounts or account structures. In one or more countries, and for one or more currencies.   


Forestry and agriculture

Have you recently sold forest land or forest products or are you considering doing so? Do you receive any income from agriculture? We have accounts specifically designed for income from forestry and agriculture.

Covered by the deposit guarantee scheme

The accounts are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the National Debt Office. Each customer is entitled to compensation for the combined amount on the accounts that they hold, up to a maximum of SEK 1,050,000.

The National Debt Office will make the compensation available to the customer within 7 business days of the date on which the Bank was declared bankrupt, or the Financial Supervisory Authority ordered the guarantee to commence.

Depositors that are not covered by the deposit guarantee
The following depositors, or the non-Swedish equivalents, cannot receive compensation from the guarantee:
banks, credit market companies, securities companies, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, mutual benefit societies, financial institutions according to the Swedish Banking and Financing Business Act, securities funds or alternative investment funds, pension funds, county councils, municipalities or government agencies.

Deposit guarantee