NCI code

As of 2018, you are better protected when trading securities. If you are a private individual, you will now be required to have an NCI code (national client identifier).
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Register an NCI for trading in securities

Who needs an NCI and what are the implications?

Individuals who want to buy, sell, participate in or transfer securities need to register an NCI. You do not need an NCI to trade in mutual fund units. However, trading in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) does require an NCI.

The NCI code is a global identification code for private individuals, and is contingent on what citizenship(s) you hold. For example, if you are a Swedish citizen, your NCI comprises a country code, SE, followed by your civic registration number.  For foreign citizens, or those who are citizens of multiple countries, the NCI looks different. The NCI is free of charge.

How to obtain your NCI

  • If you are a Swedish citizen, your NCI consists of your civic registration number followed by your country code. You can easily register it yourself online.
  • If your citizenship is other than Swedish, visit your local branch and we will help you register your NCI.

Do you need an LEI?

If you have a company and want to trade in securities, your company also needs a global identification code. For companies, it is called LEI (legal identity identifier)

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