Deposit guarantee

The state guarantees the money.

Information on the deposit guarantee

Handelsbanken's accounts, with the exception of Individual Pension Savings (IPS) and mutual fund accounts, are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the National Debt Office. Nor are bankers' drafts covered by the guarantee.

You are entitled to compensation for the combined amount on the accounts that you hold, up to a maximum of SEK 1,050,000. The compensation applies per customer and financial institution. If you have an account that you share with another account holder, each person can receive compensation corresponding to their share of the joint account. An account holder cannot therefore receive compensation for another account holder's share of the joint account. Your compensation is not affected if you have debts to the Bank.

The National Debt Office will make the compensation available to you within 7 business days of the date on which the Bank was declared bankrupt, or the Financial Supervisory Authority ordered the guarantee to commence.

Private individuals

In addition to this amount, you may receive compensation up to a maximum of SEK 5 million for deposited funds attributable to certain defined events. Such as the sale of private housing, termination of employment, inheritance, or insurance compensation.

Companies and organisations not covered

The following depositors, or the non-Swedish equivalents, cannot receive reimbursement from the guarantee:

  • banks
  • credit market companies
  • securities companies
  • insurance companies
  • reinsurance companies
  • mutual benefit societies
  • financial institutions according to the Banking and Financing Business Act   
  • securities funds or alternative investment funds
  • pension funds
  • county councils
  • municipalities or other government agencies

Information from the National Debt Office

Visit the Swedish National Debt Office's website for more information on the deposit guarantee.