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MiFID 2 requirements

According to the requirements of MiFID 2 (Directive 2014/65 of the European Parliament and of the Council and in the delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/576.), investment firms shall publish, for each class of financial instruments, a statement of the five most used marketplaces, i.e. where execution has taken place (based on volume) and the five most used brokers to execute customer orders. This will be updated annually. 

The analysis performed and conclusions drawn by Handelsbanken on the quality of execution based on monitoring during the previous year is summarised and published in connection with the above statement of results on marketplaces and brokers. 

The bank will also publish, for each quarter, the quality of order execution when the investment firm acts on its own behalf, as a Systematic Internaliser (SI), when the bank acts as a market maker and when the bank acts as another liquidity provider. The requirement derives from the delegated Regulation 2017/575.


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Bästa utförande 2021 - 2022

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2022 2021
Equities – Shares & Depositary Receipts
2022 Liquidity band 1 and 2 2021 Liquidity band 1 and 2
2022 Liquidity band 3 and 4 2021 Liquidity band 3 and 4
2022 Liquidity band 5 and 6 2021 Liquidity band 5 and 6
Debt instruments
2022 Bonds 2021 Bonds
2022 Money Market 2021 Money market
Interest rate derivatives
2022 Ir Futures and options 2021 Ir Futures and options
2022 Ir Swaps and forwards 2021 Ir Swaps and forwards
Currency derivatives
2022 Fx Futures and options 2021 Fx Futures and options
2022 Fx Swaps and forwards 2021 Fx Swaps and forwards
Equity derivatives
2022 Equity options and futures 2021 Equity options and futures
2022 Equity swaps 2021 Equity swaps
Warrants, Certificates and Securitized derivatives
2022 Warrants and certificates 2021 Warrants and certificates
2022 Other securitized derivatives 2021 Other securitized derivatives
Commodities derivatives and Emission allowances derivatives

2022 Commodities options and futures

2021 Commodities options and futures
2022 Other commodities 2021 Other commodities
Exchange traded products
2022 Exchange traded 2021 Exchange traded
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