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Log-in methods

Log in using a method that suits you – Mobile BankID, card reader, BankID or PIN.

Important message

varningstriangel en triangel med ett utropstecken

Fraud is currently being committed via BankID, Mobile BankID and log-in cards. Be wary of phone calls, text messages or e-mails about BankID, Swish, log-in, or log-in related problems. The Bank will never contact you and ask you to log in using your BankID or a log-in card, nor will we ask for personal codes or your civic registration number. If you receive such a request, you must never divulge any information or carry out tasks at the request of another person. If you suspect that someone has access to your log-in details, you need to block your BankID.

Mobilt BankID with QR

mobil med Mobilt BankID och QR-kod

Handelsbanken has introduced QR-code when you log in to the internet bank. This is done to increase the security since the device with the BankID and the computer have to be physically close to each other. Log in using QR is only available for online banking in Swedish.

How to log in using QR-code

To log in using Mobilt BankID with QR you need the latest version of the BankID app with a small QR icon at the bottom.

  1. Select Logga in med Mobilt BankID from the log on page
  2. Put in your civic registration number and click Logga in
  3. In the Mobilt BankID app, click the QR icon
  4. Scan the QR code on the Log in page
  5. Dial your code and click Legitimera

If you log in using the same device as the one with Mobilt BankID you cannot use QR code.

Communication error 10023

Ikon information

If you get the message: “Communication error 10023” at log-in, you need to update your BankID application to a later version.

Do you have problems updating the BankID application? Check our system requirements.

Note: As of 14 January 2020, Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7. The latest version of BankID does not work if you have Windows 7. You can still log in without a cable if your browser meets our system requirements.

mobil med BankId

Mobile BankID

Using Mobilt BankID, you always have your method of identification with you on your mobile phone. You can do your most frequent banking transactions and identify yourself with companies and public authorities. Prove your identity using your mobile phone and a PIN of at least six digits. You choose the code when you activate Mobilt BankID.

Mobile BankID can be used to:

  • Log in to the mobile app and do banking transactions.
  • Log in to Online Banking and do banking transactions.
  • Send and receive money by Swish.
  • Log in to other services which use Mobilt BankID. These include the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Administration (Försäkringskassan) and the Swedish Pensions Agency.

Get Mobilt BankID

To order Mobilt BankID, you will need to download the BankID security app to your mobile phone or tablet. You must also be logged on to Online Banking and have a card reader connected with a cable to your computer.


One card reader – two different methods

Use your card reader with or without a cable

Using your card reader, you can log in to Online Banking and do most banking transactions. You can choose to log in with or without a cable. Without a cable, you can log in using a computer, tablet or a mobile phone, but you won’t be able to use as many banking services and will need to register security codes more often. If the cable is connected, you can do all types of banking transactions and fewer key strokes will be needed.

If you don’t have a Swedish civic registration number we will provide you with a log-on card, which will allow you to log in to Online Banking and perform your banking transactions.

With the cable in the card reader, your log-on card becomes a BankID.

Your log-on card incorporates a BankID, but only when the computer and the card reader are connected with the cable. You can then use it to log in to other sites which offer log-on with BankID such as the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Administration (Försäkringskassan), the Swedish Pensions Agency and pharmacies. But to be able to use your BankID, you must download the BankID security program and drivers for the card reader to your computer.

Getting started with BankID on your cardOpens in a new window

Talking card reader


This is suitable if you are visually impaired or for some other reason need a card reader which talks to you. A talking card reader allows you to do the same things as a normal card reader and log-on card with or without a cable.

To order this card reader, please contact our Customer support:

  • Personal 0771-77 88 99
  • Corporate 0771-23 40 00

Log in to the telephone services with a PIN

Using a four-digit PIN you can do the following:

  • Log in to the mobile app and carry out banking transactions
  • Use Telesvar, the Bank’s interactive voice response service
  • Identify yourself when you phone Personal Service

This log-on method is suitable if you use several of our mobile and telephone services. The PIN consists of four digits and is chosen when you subscribe for the services. You can change the PIN in Online Banking.