1. Brexit


Are you a private customer or corporate customer with Handelsbanken in Sweden with residency in the UK? Some of the ways that Brexit might affect you are described below.
Great Britian

Brexit – how will it affect you?

The UK left the EU on 31 December 2020. After this date, Handelsbanken in Sweden will no longer be able to offer new products and services to customers in the UK. One exception to this is corporate credits, which we will continue to be able to offer our corporate customers.

The ambition is to offer you as a customer personal service and sound advisory services. Our aim is to continue to be able to offer the best possible service, wherever you are based.

Are you a customer in Sweden but resident in the UK?

Are you a customer of Svenska Handelsbanken AB with residency in the UK? In this case, the majority of the services we offer will remain unchanged during and after the transitional period. Provided that you started using the services before you became a resident of the UK.  

This includes services such as the buying and selling of financial instruments, being able to keep cash accounts and securities accounts, and having access to capital market products. Credits granted to corporate entities will also remain unchanged. 

However, bank loans granted to private individuals who were resident in the UK when the loan was granted will require special treatment. Generally, these loans will not be affected over the coming five years. However, they will not be able to be renewed or extended during this period. 

We will contact you if we believe that we will no longer be able to offer you banking services as a result of prevailing legislation in the UK. 

Do you have permanent residency in the UK?

Are you settled in the UK as a permanent resident? In this case, we recommend that you contact Handelsbanken plc, a subsidiary of Svenska Handelsbanken AB, which can offer banking services directly in the UK. For more information, please visit Handelsbanken plc's website. 

The services that Handelsbanken plc offers its customers in the UK will not be affected by Brexit.

Are you a customer in the UK, but resident in Sweden/the EEA?

Are you a customer of Handelsbanken plc, with residency in Sweden or another country in the European Economic Area (EEA)? More information on this is available on Handelsbanken plc's website.