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About the coronavirus and personal customers

We are here to support you in difficult times. On this page we have gathered information for our personal customers.
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Important information for our customers regarding the coronavirus

Temporary dispensation from amortisation

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, you can get a temporary dispensation from amortisation on mortgage loans until 31 August 2021. Thereafter, the mortgage loans will return to ordinary amortisation.

Do your banking digitally

To avoid spreading the virus we ask you to handle your banking needs using our digital channels, wherever possible. Most banking transactions can be done using our mobile apps, online banking services or by phone.

Travel insurance on your card

When you pay for a trip with your Bankkort Mastercard, Allkort or Platinum Card a travel insurance is always included. It includes a cancellation cover that will complement your home insurance. Keep an eye on the terms and conditions for your card. 

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At our branches

For everyone's health, we ask you not to visit your branch in person if you:

  • Have been in close contact with a person who has contracted covid-19.
  • Feel unwell, and have symptoms of a cold or flu.

Meet us where it suits you

Personal online meeting

You have the possibility to meet us where it suits you. Choose if you wish to meet us at a branch office of if you for example prefer to sit at home and connect yourself to a personal online meeting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Many are worried and almost everyone is affected in different ways by the consequences of the corona pandemic. Here you will find answers to questions that many people are asking right now.

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EFN monitoring the coronavirus crisis 

The EFN Economic and Financial News Channel has compiled here all features addressing the coronavirus and its economic consequences.