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About the coronavirus and companies

The progress of the coronavirus is presenting some major challenges to many companies. We have gathered information which we believe will be useful to our corporate customers.

Latest news

Temporary reduction to savings premium 

Many companies are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Corporate customers, are now entitled to request a temporary reduction to the savings premium for Handelsbanken’s Occupational Pension Plan and Pension Scheme for Self-employed People. 

Guarantee programme for SMEs

The government of Sweden has passed a resolution that SMEs negatively affected by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic will be offered state-guaranteed loans.

The Government’s support package

The Government has previously presented measures to mitigate the corona pandemic's impact on jobs and the economy. On 14 April, the Government came with a proposal for improvements regarding short-term work allowance.

EFN monitoring the coronavirus crisis 

The EFN Economic and Financial News Channel has compiled here all features addressing the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

Information from public authorities

The verksamt.se website has gathered information from public authorities that may be of importance. 

Important points to remember

  • Consider F-tax 

    Your provisional F-tax is based on the company's forecast. Does the forecast need to be revised?

  • Adjust the budget

    If you expect a downturn in your income, do not forget to adjust the company's budget.  

  • Defer the tax

    Are you going to have difficulty paying taxes? Apply for a period of grace from the Swedish Tax Agency. 

  • Obtaining financial support 

    Will you have difficulty paying your employees? Apply for support for short-term work allowance from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.
  • Longer payment periods  

    Sometimes you simply need a little more time. Check with your suppliers whether you can extend payment times.

  • Decrease your inventories

    Check your inventories. Reduced inventories can be a way to keep down the need for tying up capital.

  • Get paid

    Make sure that your customers pay their invoices on time. Maybe it's time to send them a reminder?

We’re here for you

Telephone, e-mail or online meeting?

A lot is happening at the moment that affects our companies. In Sweden and abroad. Do you need to discuss your company's situation? Maybe you have questions regarding your finances? Contact your advisor via telephone or e-mail. If you need a longer meeting, we can arrange an online meeting via Skype. You can find the relevant contact details on your bank branch's website, or via the corporate app.

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Digital services for companies

Common banking services

You can carry out the most common banking transactions in the corporate app or via online banking. You can also call +46 (0)771-23 88 99 for personal service, 24 hours a day.

Travel insurance via your corporate card

Have you paid for a trip using your Business Card or Business Debit? If so, you are covered by travel insurance, including cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance applies if either you or a closely associated person should fall ill before the journey. The details differ slightly depending on the card. 

The complete terms and conditions can be found on the website of the insurance company, Zurich. 

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