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Compare funds

How to compare funds

There are many different ways to compare funds. Performance, fees, rating and sustainability rating to name a few. When you have decided on what kind of fund to invest in it can be a good idea to compare it with other funds that invest in the same market or in the same kind of assets.

What you can compare


One way to compare funds is historic performance. Go to the list of funds. Under the tab Overview, select a fund. Scroll to the bottom of the page and add a fund from the drop down list.   

Sustainability rating

To sort the fund after their sustainability rating, go to the fund list. Select the sustainability tab. Click on the sustainability header to sort the funds after their sustainability rating. 

Performance rating

In the fund list you can find the rating from the independent fund information institute Morningstar. The funds are ranked from 5 to 1 after historic performance compared to similar funds. The rating is not a recommendation to buy or sell.


A funds fee will affect the performance of a fund. But it is only one of the factors to take in consideration. A fund with a higher fee may outperform one with a lower fee. You will find the fee on the funds information page when you click on a fund in the list.

Historical yields are not a guarantee of future returns.

  • The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value.
  • It is not guaranteed that you will recover the entire invested amount.

Handelsbanken does not assume liability for any errors in the information. Full information brochures with the Fund rules, fact sheets, and current price development is under each Fund in Fund price list.

Residents in other countries than Sweden

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