a woman with a credit card in her handa woman with a credit card in her hand

Accounts, cards and payments

Secure payments using cards

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Use our cards for secure payments when purchasing online, in shops or when travelling. We offer several different cards. Choose between a debit card where the money is deducted directly from the account, or a credit card where you pay later. 

New design

Our cards have a new, modern design. The new design is better adapted to the card terminals and the cards are now made of recycled plastic. 
On the back of the card you will find: 
  • Card Number
  • CVC code
  • Validity date
  • Your name 

Accounts for everyday life 

Do you want to get your salary into a new account, get your payments settled or maybe start saving? You can have multiple accounts for different needs.

Cross-border payments

Use Online Banking to send money abroad in various currencies. Normally the funds will reach the beneficiary's bank within two working days.

Blocking a card

If you have lost your card, block it at any time of the day or night. Just use the mobile app or call us. You can also use Online Banking (in Swedish only).