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Temporary dispensation from amortisation of mortgage loans

Due to the corona pandemic

The spread of the coronavirus could have financial consequences for many households. Even though the crisis is expected to pass, it could still have devastating effects. As a bank that takes corporate social responsibility seriously, we want to make life easier for our customers. 

You may apply for temporary dispensation from amortisation on all your mortgage loans with us. In the case of loans with more than one borrower, only one borrower needs to apply. The dispensation from amortisation is time-limited, and will be effective until 31 August 2021. Thereafter, the mortgage loans will return to ordinary amortisation. 

You apply via your local branch. 

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Please remember

When you amortise your mortgage loan every month, the loan decreases by the same amount. Your interest expenses also decrease, since they are partly based on the size of your mortgage loan.