Financial, social and environmental sustainability
Financial sustainability
At Handelsbanken, we are convinced that sustainable long-term growth and shareholder value can only be achieved if the Bank also creates long-term value for its customers and for the community as a whole. For a bank, the most fundamental criterion for sustainability is survival – without taxpayer support. Handelsbanken has stable finances, and during the latest financial crisis never needed to ask for liquidity support or capital contributions, either from a central bank, the state, or as a new share issue.

The Bank reports and pays tax based on national regulations in the countries where we operate, and we aim for an open dialogue with the tax authorities in these countries.

Handelsbanken has paid a dividend to its shareholders for many years in succession, including during the recent turbulent period on the financial markets; at the same time, the Bank has been one of the largest payers of corporate tax in Sweden.

Social sustainability
Corporate social responsibility at Handelsbanken is manifested partly in responsible lending and advisory services, the aim to have satisfied customers and also be an attractive employer. We also take a long-term approach to relationships with both customers and employees. We view each recruitment as important and long term.

We consider it very important that the Bank’s lending is responsible, based on a careful assessment of the customer’s repayment capacity. When providing financial advice, we always prioritise the customer’s interests and proceed from the customer’s situation and financial circumstances.

Human rights
Respect for human rights is essential to long-term value creation in Handelsbanken. We support and respect the protection of human rights in our operations and in the operations that are linked to Handelsbanken through business relationships, products and services.

Environmental sustainability
Handelsbanken aims to promote long-term sustainable development and we continuously strive to minimise our environmental and climate impact.

In our view, an integrated approach to environmental considerations is essential to long-term value creation. The Bank aims to reduce its indirect impact on the environment, for example through lending, investments, and agreements with suppliers.

Handelsbanken monitors, measures and takes action to minimise the carbon dioxide emissions generated by its operations. In our Nordic operations , we use 100 per cent renewable electricity and almost 90 per cent renewable electricity in all six of the Bank’s home markets.

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