The way we work with sustainability
A responsible participant in society

Handelsbanken integrates financial, social and environmental sustainability into all its business operations. This applies in granting credit and advisory services, in relation to suppliers, when we invest customers’ money in mutual funds, etc., and when we develop new services and customer offerings.

Long-term business relations, low risk-taking and cost-awareness are cornerstones of Handelsbanken’s corporate culture. They form the basis of our banking operations being run in a responsible, sustainable and successful manner.

Responsible lending
At Handelsbanken, we consider it very important that lending is based on an assessment of the individual customer’s repayment capacity, so that we do not grant credit to customers who cannot repay their loans. A weak repayment capacity can never be accepted with arguments that the customer is prepared to pay a high interest rate or can offer the Bank good collateral.

We also take account of the customer’s approach to human rights, working conditions, environmental concerns and anti-corruption when we make a credit risk assessment.

Responsible investments
As an asset manager, Handelsbanken has been entrusted by its customers to manage their savings in the optimum way. Our goal is to generate strong long-term returns for our customers, and this is dependent upon us investing in a sustainable, responsible manner.

We are convinced that sustainable behaviour by a company that we decide to invest in offers greater opportunities for durable business models and long-term profitability. This is why sustainability is an integral part of the Bank’s investment processes.

Handelsbanken also examines its major suppliers’ approach to sustainability. When making purchasing decisions, we investigate working conditions, the work environment, corruption, etc. Environmental considerations are also taken when making purchasing decisions.

Organisational structure for sustainability issues
Handelsbanken has a Responsible Investment Council consisting of representatives from various business operations throughout the Bank. The chair of the Council is a member of Senior Management with overall responsibility for ensuring that the Bank identifies and addresses the sustainability matters that are relevant to the Handelsbanken Group. Handelsbanken also has a central unit with operational responsibility for running sustainability work and ensuring that it is systematic.

Sustainability policy
Handelsbanken’s sustainability policy has been adopted by the Bank’s Board and establishes the focus for sustainability work in the Group.

The policy is supplemented by guidelines and instructions for specific areas.

Policy for sustainability in the Handelsbanken Group

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