Responsible investments
A sustainable way of running a bank
As an asset manager, Handelsbanken has been entrusted by our customers to manage their savings in the optimum way. Our goal is to generate strong long-term returns for our customers, and this assumes that we invest in a sustainable, responsible manner.

A clear value base
For us, responsible investment is about creating strong, long-term returns for our customers, as well as managing assets in line with Handelsbanken’s value base and based on the joint standards set out in international conventions and guidelines. In practice, it is about investing in companies with sustainable business models that run their operations in a responsible manner.

Sustainability is integrated into our asset management
We are convinced that companies that act in a sustainable manner, and whose effect on the community is positive, have a greater chance of surviving and being profitable in the long run. This is why sustainability is an integral part of the Bank’s investment processes and investment decisions. In order to make better investment decisions and identify investment ideas, we integrate sustainability analysis into our investment processes

A sustainable offering
We are constantly developing our offering, to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of clarity, returns and sustainability. For example, we have a broad range of funds with a special focus on sustainability, including actively managed funds, index funds, fixed-income funds and allocation funds.
Handelsbanken Fonder and responsible investments

Follow-up and influence
In addition to our regular investment research, a twice-yearly analysis of all our holdings of listed equities and corporate bonds is carried out, to identify any companies that do not comply with international standards or conventions.

Through dialogue and collaboration with the companies in which the Bank’s funds invest, we create a basis for long-term growth. If we receive indications that these companies are not complying with the international standards and conventions that we respect, we contact these companies – independently or together with other investors. Patience and persistence are vital in these processes – but up to a finite limit. Divestment or exclusion from our investments are a last resort if all other alternatives have failed.
Companies we are in dialogue with (pdf)
Companies we opted out (pdf)

Examples of our work
Handelsbanken takes a stand, and in our mutual funds we avoid investments in coal mining and coal combustion, as well as in nuclear weapons and prohibited weapons. In addition, we report the carbon footprint of our funds, and have signed the Montreal Carbon Pledge UN initiative.
Handelsbanken Fonder avoids investments in coal
The carbon footprint of our mutual funds (pdf)

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