Sustainability at Handelsbanken
Sustainability has been deeply rooted in Handelsbanken’s culture and method of working for many years. Our sustainability work encompasses the whole of the Group’s operations in all markets where the Bank operates.

Our view of sustainability
Sustainability at Handelsbanken is about understanding the Bank’s role in the community, acting responsibly and with a long-term perspective in areas where the Bank can make a difference through its own operations, either directly or indirectly. Through dialogue, commitment and openness, we build long-term relationships with our customers, employees, owners/investors, and the wider community.

Handelsbanken’s view is that responsible actions are essential to long-term value creation. Long-term business relationships, low risk-taking and cost-awareness are cornerstones of Handelsbanken’s business culture. They form the basis of successful banking operations being run in a responsible, sustainable manner.

The way we work with sustainability

Financial, social and environmental sustainability
Handelsbanken integrates financial, social and environmental sustainability into all its business operations. This relates, for example, to credit and investment decisions, business development, advisory services and purchase decisions. In this way, risks and costs can be reduced, while new business opportunities can be identified, employees motivated, and confidence in Handelsbanken maintained.

Handelsbanken aims to run financially sound, sustainable operations and not be complicit in breaches of human rights or employees’ rights, or cause negative environmental impact, nor accept corruption. The Bank also aims to encourage and contribute to sustainable development.

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More information

Responsible investments

Handelsbanken is a member of these initiatives:

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